A special thank you to some special people

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Maria Luisa

A special thank you to some special people

Mensaje sin leer por Maria Luisa » 17 Abr 2009, 17:05

I would like to say a special thank you to the following people :

- My neighbour Antonio for talking me to Campillos and following the ambulance with H to Antequera.Gracias.
- Julie, for everything she has done in so many aspects. Thank you for braiding my hair and make me look human again. Gracias.
- Andy, for his time and effort in taking H to and from the hospital. Gracias.
- Marisol for her daily caring and her unconditonial friendship. Gracias.
- Carmen and her family for their concern and for helping me out (she knows what I'm talking about). Gracias.
- My neighbours from c/Nueva for their many phone calls, their daily concern and the goodies they are spoiling me with. Gracias.
- The Hermano Mayor of the Hermandad de Nuestra Sra. de los Dolores in c/Nueva, for taking care of H as if one of their own. Gracias.
- The SdY Juvenile football team for dedicating their last win to me. Gracias.
- Pepe R. and his family for their countless offers of help, incl. transport. Gracias.
- To all the people who took the time to either visit me or call me, incl. the SdY townhall, the Gualdalinfo Center, the Municipal Library and half of the SdY village. Gracias.

And last but not least, to the medics and ambulance crew in Campillos, to the E.R. crew in Antequera and to the Doctors, nurses, assistant nurses and general staff at the Antequera Hospital, who have all been fantastic, both as humans beings as well as professionals. Gracias.

Maria Luisa