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Cartel de Feria 2009 de Sierra de Yeguas

Friday, August 21

Cartel Carrera Cintas a Caballo

7.00 pm - Ribbon race on horseback in the Feria Ground.








Cartel X Noche Flamenca Sierra de Yeguas10.00 pm - Xth FLAMENCO NIGHT (TRADITIONAL SINGING)

Quartet: Familia Sánchez Cortés, "Calor de Piedra".

Singers: Antoñita Contreras, Bonela Hijo, Juan Soto, Gema Cumplido.

Spanish Guitar: Eduardo Flores, Catarro de Málaga, José Fernández.

Presented by: Rafael Romero.




Saturday, August 22

1.00 pm Swimming championships at the Municipal pool.

6.00 pm Greyhound Races across the main road running behind  c/Seneca










7.00 pm Football : Sierra de Yeguas - Campillos.

8.00 pm Giant's parade through the village streets, accompanied by the SdY Brass Band

10.00 pm Opening speech (from the Townhall Balcony) and illumination of the feria lights. Small fireworks display to announce the start of our Feria.

11.00 pm At the Caseta Municipal, dancing to the band "Nueva Onda"

00.30 am Presentation of the Miss Feria Pageant, presented by Dolores Perez Moñiz and Sonia Mancheño Garcia.

2.30 am Coronation of Miss Feria and her runners-up.

Domingo 23 de agosto

1.00 pm Childrens activities at the Village Square.

3.00 pm At the Caseta Municipal, Paella for all to enjoy - Music by Los Cachondos.

11.00 pm At the Caseta Municipal, dancing to the "Beethoven" Band and the Coco New Band.

Monday, August 24

10.00 am Firecrackers display in honour of our Patron Saint, San Bartolome.

12.00 noon  Mass in honour of San Bartolome..

12.45 pm Musical salute by the SdY Brass Band in the Village Square.

1.00 pm In the village square - sack race and ribbon race on pushbikes.

3.00 pm At the Caseta Municipal, estofado (meat stew) and Pipirrana (tomato, pepper and cucumber salad) and vino for all to taste - Music by Los Cachondos. Miss Feria contestants will hand out carnations to all the ladies in traditional dress.

8.30 pm Street Parade by the SdY Brass Band.

9.30 pm Procession of San Bartolome accompanied by the SdY Brass Band though the streets of our village.

11.00 pm At the Caseta Municipal, dancing to the "Colores" Band and the "Virtual" Quartet. Special appearance by Joaquin Saez, Carmen Abad and Patricia Garcia, stars of Se LLama Copla, one of Andallucia's most popular TV program, singers of traditional Spanish folkmusic.

Tuesday, August 25

 3.00 pm At the Caseta Municipal - Pipirrana and Gazpacho for all to enjoy.

 6.00 pm At the Feria Ground in the juvenile area : Foam Party and for the younger kids, Playstation championship.

10.00 pm At the Caseta Municipal : Dancing to the "Colores" Band and the "Virtual" Quartet.

Midnight : Election of Miss Tourism and Mr. and Mrs. Emigrant (SdY born but living elsewhere)

 00.30 am Flamenco dancing by the youngsters from the SdY Dance Academy.

 3.00 am Firework Display to mark the end of our 2009 Feria.

Wednesday, August 26

9.00 pm  Dinner for the Village Pensioners at the Caseta Municipal - Booking necessary (at the Townhall)

NOTE that on Aug 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26, a FREE courtesy train (square/Feria ground and back) will be available from pick-up points all through the village. All events at the Caseta Municipal will be FREE OF CHARGE, including the Flamenco Singing.

The SdY Town Hall reserves the right to change above program without prior notice.